Kartwars.io - Multiplayer game

Massive kart battles! Get coins, smash your enemies and try to become the number one! Play now this free io game of Mario Kart online

Compete against others online to become the world's greatest kart racer! Use crazy powerups to, launch rockets, bombs and mines at your enemies and watch them explode as you gather their precious hexagons. But in order to become a true kart master you must also learn how to use the turbo-shield. Activate it to run away from your enemies, dodge their abilities and even turn them against them! Are you ready to jump in and conquer the world? Become a kart master and put your username and country on top of the leaderboards. Ride on and have fun in this online multiplayer game!

Crazy massive multiplayer game

Battle dozens of players around the world in huge stages filled with items and coins which will help you to defeat all of them. The more coins and kills you get, the better will be your ranking score.

Shoot and protect your car

Take item from the stage and use them to finnish off the other players; homing missiles, mines, timed bombs, nukes, machineguns... You have lots to use! Moreover, in case of emergency, remember you can use your energy shield by spending some of your coins.

Lots of skins

Unlock all the available skins and get your favorite car. Drive crazy car as a hot-dog, skull, a police car, a happy shit, the classic Mario Kart mushroom and many many more.

The perfect mix between Mario Kart and Agar.io

In Kartwars.io you have to smash your kart into the other players' karts in order to remove them from the game and steal their items. If you want to become the winner and to be on the top of the ranking list you will have to be very fast. Are you ready to have fun? Get your engine ready and let's go! This MMO io game will put you to the test and you will have to prove your speed and reflexes. Just like in the well-known io multiplayer game Agar.io or Slither.io with a little bit of the classic Mario Kart game battle mode, in Kartwars.io you have to collect coins and items, and avoid your enemies. The coins you collect are essential for your survival because they give power to your shield. Each time you use the shield you will be losing coins. Take the coins back as soon as you can to be able to use your shield again and protect yourself from the enemies. Be careful because the Kartwars.io track has no rules! Dozens of karts are driving at the same time in all directions and their only goal is to survive. You will find weapons and items, so make sure you collect them to attack the other drivers. But, keep an eye open because the track is also covered with traps that will make your kart blow up into pieces. You will also have to be attentive to your adversaries who are playing from all around the world. They will use their weapons to try to eliminate you from the game. Bombs, missiles that follow you around, nuke bombs, shields that make you blow up... So many obstacles! Just another agar.io or slither.io? In Kartwars.io only the best and strongest players will survive. In this free io game you can even choose to play against players from Europe, Asia or the USA. You can actually start a virtual and international war. If you attack your enemy and crash you can steal the items from him. But try not to get robbed! Control your kart with your keyboard or mouse: move with the arrow keys or by moving the mouse. To activate your shield use the right click or the S key. And if you want to use the items use the D key or the left click. Have fun with this massive online multiplayer game and become the best kart driver ever!


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